Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Asian woman experience

I received some emails from a young woman from Asia who saw the site and wanted to share an experience that she had. She and two of her friends took part in a gameshow that was used on a website some years back. The event took place over a weekend. There were a number of challenges with consequences. There were four teams of young women involved. Her team lost the majority of the games and had to pay the consequences. It took place over a weekend.

Some of the games include strip rock, paper, scissors where the losing team was cummed on by men. There was also a game to see who could last the longest in a sauna. The loser had to have sex with someone right after.

I think overall, the girl was nervous and embarrassed, but teh event was also sort of a source of arousal for her. Her team seemed to be the big losers and had to pay the most consequences. Apparently it was online awhile ago but no longer is.

It sounds like an amazing weekend, quite embarrassing for the women involved. I thank her very much for sharing. I welcome anyone else to share their experinces as well. She was very brave to share. I thank her sincerely.


  1. Is it possible to watch the video?

  2. The young lady said that it was a long time ago, so the clip has been removed. Also, she wants to remain anonymous.

  3. Ever since the ddailymotion cleaning you might want to think about re-upload your links to working sites

    1. Yes. I will look into that. It's annoying so many are gone. I tried replacing as many as I could.