Sunday, 11 September 2016

Kellie from Jeremy Kyle Show.

These are pictures of a woman named Kellie. She was on the Jeremy Kyle Show. She is a bit of a chav, as you can probably tell. On the show, her sex life was revealed. It was revealed that she had sex with someone in the bushes in a park and had been with male and female partners. Her boyfriend had cheated on her as well. He was a bit of a jerk. To cheat on someone like her is crazy. She is way better than him, in my opinion. It was an amazing thing because her private sexual life was exposed to everyone watching. It must have been very embarrassing. Or perhaps, it was a bit of a turn on. Her friend said that," She could not seemm to keep her knickers on."

Anyway, I find her really attractive for some reason. I would love to speak to her or even get to know here. I'm not sure if she is called Kelly or Kellie.

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