Sunday, 1 October 2017

Naked Attraction series 2 episode 9

This episode features some women that were on previous episodes. It features at least four that this was the case for. The first woman eliminated was the Canadian blonde that was eliminated early on a previous show. He said that she was a bit too edgy, but she does not seem that way.

The second woman eliminated was a black lady with huge breasts. the phrase motorboating was used at this point. The third woman eliminated was the highlight for me. It was Paige. She has sexy wide hips. She wiggled her naked bottom on national television. Her nipples were also erect. It was clear how turned on she was at the situation. She has a sexy face and smile and was making loads of facial expressions. She used her tongue well as well. I would have chosen her for sure. I don't how she didn't went further.

The next girl was the naughty, more chubby lady. She was very ysexy as well. It came down to the sexy brunette and the thin blonde. The blonde made a lot of funny and sexy faces. She was very hot. the other was hot as well, but was much cooler.

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