Friday, 2 March 2018

Naked Attraction Germany Series one episode 1 part 2

There is now a Naked Attraction  Germany. The site does not let people outside of Germany view it, but I will do my best to show what I can.

This is part two episode one.

We start with lovely closeups of all six women's naked vaginas. Each is different, but very nice. All six women are very attractive. Any of the six would be a good choice. They then turn around and we see all six naked backsides. The whole world gets to see their naked behinds.

Orange is first to go, probably because she is a bit chubby. I think that she is quite attractive. There is a lovely shot of him staring at and judging her naked body in the pod.

The second is red. I really quite liked her. She has very short hair and looks quite naughty. She has a sexy smile. She is not my usual type, but I don't think she should have gone so early.

Green is next. She is covered in fake tan, piercings and tattoos. She is really hot. I would have thought that she would have gone further. Maybe her huge fake breasts were the reason.

Pink was next to go. She is really cute and short. She is an adorable blonde, also with tattoos and piercings.

The two brunettes were left. he eliminated the more toned, short one. The winner was the probably the most attractive overall. It was fun seeing her body. I think most would have picked her.

They walk off nude together.


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