Sunday, 7 August 2016

Naked Attraction episode 2 part 1

In this part, a very annoying guy who thinks that he is funny, but is just really unlikeable gets to pick from six naked girls. We get to see all six vaginas close up. He eliminates, possibly the best looking girl first because he doesn't like the look of one of her toes. What a goof. I think I will take about each girl in order. You can see some of the girls nipples as been erect as well.

Girl Green is possibly the best looking. Her body has a really nice shape. She is slim, but bouncey and perky. She has a great smile. The picture of her laughing face while she is naked is very sexy.

Girl Yellow is tall and a bit shapely. I love that she has some pubic hair, unlike the rest. She has wide hips and long legs. She is quite tall and a bit curvy. She has a very nice behind. She looks a bit European. She has an unusual look. She looks a bit older as well. She seems the odd one out here.

Girl Orange was the next to go. I really like her face and her expressions. She is ginger and has amazing long hair. I love that she says that the guy wasn't her type. She seems ccheeky. It is really fun to see her naked body.

Girl Blue was next to go. He said it was because she was too posh for him. She seems to have enjoyed her time. She is quite attractive. She seems to have smiled and laughed a lot. She is really attractive. She is very slim though. She seems like possibly the nicest of the girls.

It was then down to the last two. We get some good shots of them chatting and laughing. Those are some of the best shots I think. I really enjoyed that.

Girl Pink was last to be eliminated. I think overall, she was probably the most physcially attractive. She had the best breasts. best legs etc. She was Welsh. She had a sexy accent. She seemed fun and cheeky. I really enjoyed seeing her. She has amazing hair as well. I might have chosen her.

Girl Red was the choice in the end. She is very hot. I think that her tattoos are really distracting. It is like she is half dressed even when she is nude. She has an amazing smile and sexy confidence. I love that she has glasses and her personality. She would probably be the best in bed and the most adventurous. He was probably the best fit for her. I wonder why there are so many white people and people that are foriegn born on the show. I bet it is because they are mainly models. Again, nearly everyone on it has tattoos and lots of them which is ok, but why so many?

We get some nice shots of the two of them naked together. His leg seems to be the size of her whole body though. He is definitely and unrealistic expectation for what men are like. Why does he need to go on a show to find a date? It would be much better to have more real people on here. To hear him talk about the girls' toes and lips is really laughable. Unless he has a special fetish, I don't buy it. He is a definite tool.

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