Sunday, 2 July 2017

Naked Attraction series 2, episode 1

This is episode one of series two of naked attraction. These are just the highlights. I will give a bit of a recap and analysis on the show this week. Firstly, the guy was a bit of a goofy sort of guy. I found him quite annoying, to be honest. He was lucky though, there were no bad choices this week. I am not sure which of the women I would have chosen. There is no one that blew me away, but all of them were pretty attractive. I somehow doubt that all of them really were attracted to him, but any one of them was a good choice and all of them were shown heavily. We got to see each of their vaginas and behinds in close up on television. A lot of them pulled sexy, funny faces as well. The criticism I would have for the show is that it does not really represent eveyone equally. According to the show, literally everyone has multiple piercings and tattoos and most people have pink or blue hair. That is not really the case. It does suggest that these may be models or taken from certain segments of society unevenly.

We started though with close ups of all of their vaginas. Their lips visible for all to see as he looked and judged them. The first girl eliminated, it could be argued, may be the most attractive. She had long blonde hair and was quite slim. She seemed excited to be there. She made funny faces. The look on her face in picture 25 is priceless. She looks as though she is making a face while people are stairing at her naked body.

The second girl eliminated was a curvy woman from Scotland. I think that her curvy shaped body was really sexy. I didn't really like her hairstyle. That did not suit her. Her actual body looks amazing though. Her behind is really, really attractive. The shot of her from behind is really spectacular. Her hips are sort of wide. She looks really good undressed.

The next girl eliminated was kind of a suprise. It was the brunette in the red box. She looked really sexy laughing and pulling faces. Her thighs and body look really firm and sexy. She looks a bit like Kym Marsh. He said that she looked intimidating. Her body looks quite tanned and toned. When she is shown in full, her body looks great. We get some nice shots of her vagina as well in close up. You can see she must have been nervous, as her legs were shaking at first.

The next girl was eliminated, oddly, because of the shape of her back and backside. Her rear end gets a lot of attention. It sticks out a lot , which is very attractive. There are also shots of others discussing and looking at her bare backside. I am not sure how she feels about this happening on television for the entire world to see. It's fun that her behind is the object of so much intention. She looks great laughing too.

the last two women are brought out side by side, giving us some amazing views. They stand fully nude side by side. There are close up shots of their body parts side by side. Their vaginas, legs, breasts and behinds.  He eliminated the girl from the blue box. She was one of the nicer ones. I am not sure why. It may have been down to breast size. She is cute. You can see in her eyes that she is a bit of a more real and nice person. Her thin naked body is fun to look at.

The girl he chose, maybe it can be argued had the sexiest body. She does have a sexy smile. She is really attractive. He may have chose her because her breasts are slightly larger. She has a great body. There are some great shots of the couple naked together. There is some awkward naked hugging too. The naked couple walk off hand in hand.

What is interesting is the date did not work out and the last girl eliminated contacted the guy back. they are now sort of seeing each other, apparently. She contacted him. She must have really fancied him. I bet she really enjoyed her naked experience.

The second part involved transgender and transexual individuals among others, which was interesting.

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