Sunday, 16 July 2017

Naked attraction series 2, episode 3, part 2

This week on Naked Attraction we saw a lot of hot naked females. All six were attractive in their own right. There was a bit of controversy as well. We start out with close ups of all six naked vaginas. Each one on show for the world to see. We then get to see the asses, which might be even better. One of the highlights is seeing the pink girl shake her naked behind for all of us. She is extremey cheeky, pardon the pun.

The first girl that was eliminated was girl green, Roseanna. For me, she was one of the most attractive. The guy caused controversy because he eliminated her because of her weight. He said he used to have a weight issue. This was pretty tasteless and disgusting. She was super hot. I am so glad she decided to let us all see that sexy naked body of hers. She isn't even that big. She is sexy and adorable. I enjoyed seeing her behind and vagina for one. When she walks away we get a great shot of her naked behind.

Second to go was blue, a girl called Kayleigh from Canada. She was pretty attractive, but there were others I liked seeing more. She is pretty cute though in her own right.

The next to go was girl yellow from Liverpool. She had a pretty nice accent. I liked how nervous she looked as she ran away off set, that was pretty cute.

Next to go was pink, she was called Kim. She is absolutely adorable. For some reason, her teeth look really cute among everything else. The way she has her hair makes her look like a cherub. I loved seeing her shake her naked behind as well. It is adorable. She also said that she would like to have seen the guy naked.

The last two left were best friends. They were both super sexy. They looked like ringers, to be fair. They were far too attractive to be on a dating show. The fact that two friends are there naked together is quite sexy. There is a great moment when they are asked what the other one has going for them and one said that the other has an incredible ass. That was a highlight. Girl orange sticking her tongue out was very sexy too.

In the end, he chose the one with the biggest breasts, of course. I think he needs to realise though, that if he was overweight still, they would not have looked twice at him. Also, he will probably gain it back at some stage. It is unlikely people will diet and spend half their lives in a gym forever. He does not look natural at all. His face looks like it is superimposed on a different body. He is superficial to the extreme.

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