Sunday, 30 July 2017

Naked Attraction Series 2 episode 5

This week was a good week for Naked Attraction. Last week was ok. I may come back and do stills later. The lady in part one was really sexy and sweet. She was absolutely lovely so I may do captures on her. The second part was a woman selecting other women. That in itself was ok, but overall the results were not the greatest. This week was amazing. All of the six contestants were pretty attractive. There were one or two who were not my cup of tea, particularly, but I know others would like them a lot. The results were interesting because of the male contestant. Again, as usual, there were way too many tattoos and piercing per capita. These are ok, but not realistic. 95 % of people do not have tattoos, I would venture to say.

It was odd, because the guy was not very good looking, in my opinion. The women seemed to like him anyway, maybe because he was tall and thin. There is an out an out predjudice on this show about weight that is very obvious. The heavier people always seem to be eliminated first. It is very wrong.

The show starts with some lovely close ups of all six naked vaginas. A few even have some pubic hair which is also rare for this show. All of them have their vaginas shown. All looked good. Green has a lovely vagina and we get some nice shots of it. Pink looks very cute. She stands in a really cheeky sexy way that is really hot. They turn around and we get to see all of their bare backsides. I wonder what it must be like for them to have their bare naked rearends on tv screens all over the country.

Red is the first eliminated. She is Lauren from Bristol. She is gorgeous. She has an adorable face, really cool hair and an incredible curvy body.  Can't describe how enjoyable it is to see her naked. We get some great shots of her sexy naked backside in motion and her sexy body jiggles. She states that she was eliminated for having no tattoos, but her entire back is covered. That to me would be the least attractive part of her, but it is something he would have liked. She is really cute. She should have lasted longer. I think she was eliminated because she is kind of curvy, but that is hot.

Second is orange. Her belly button is described as looking sad. She retorts by saying the guy is skinny legged and she was glad to be eliminated. She was probably the least attractive person, but still attractive, nonetheless.

Next, the whole girls are revealed. Three of them try flirting. Green licks her lips and looks really sexy. Yellow giggles and waves and pink does loads of things like waving and making sexy faces. She does all sorts of things with her tongue, eyes and hands. This is a very sexy part of the show. They talk about their bodies as well.

Green is eliminated next. She is Chelsea from Doncaster. She is adorable. She has glasses and braces. She looks nerdy which is very sexy. Her body is really cute as well. She states that he eliminated her because she looks innocent, but is far from it. She says a few things to suggest she is quite turned on and was hoping for a naughty experience. She was quite suggestive. I would have taken her much further I think. Her body is lovely too.

Yellow is next to go. It is Kim from Yeovil who we have seen before. She looks just as good as last time. We get some more shots of that amazing rear end and her sexy legs. She is quite cheeky as well, but says she was not attracted to the guy at all.

That leaves the final two. The blue girl is the one eliminated. I was very suprised. The guy seemed to have much more in common with her, but the other girl was more attractive. Perhaps things would have been better if he had thought about the match better.  Kimberlynn is the winner. She celebrates and seems really excited. For some reason she seems to really like him. I don't get it.

We find out later that the two had sex and then the guy never called her again. I don't get the appeal of this guy. He is an immature jerk. It's not like he is a model or is wellbuilt either. He is very hairy and unkempt. I really don't get it. I can't believe these hot women even liked him. Oh well, maybe there is hope for us all. He did mistreat her as well. It is very odd.

Or maybe she was just so turned on by being naked in that situation with everyone seeing. It is a huge turn on. Maybe that is why. The guy was a dud for sure though, I don't get it.

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